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Clothly leads the industry of trusted outerwear manufacturers in the Netherlands and the UK for custom outerwear. We combine advanced technology with expert craftsmanship to produce tailor-made outerwear, from waterproof jackets and insulated parkas to stylish trench coats and cosy fleece for exceptional functionality, style, and durability. 

We have worked with renowned brands, including Hussle London, Hypeculture, ASOS, and H&M, to name a few! What are you waiting for? Partner with Clothly and see your brand prosper with our dedication to quality and efficiency!

Customisation Options Available in Outerwear Manufacturing

We provide an extensive range of customisation options to ensure your outerwear is distinctive and reflects your brand identity. Have a look at the options available:

Embellishment Options 

Embellishment options include embroidery, patches, fit & dimensions, badges, distressing, decorative tapes, washing, printing, swing/hang tags, neck labels, and washing labels.

Fabric Options 

Fabric choices range widely, including nylon, polyester, Gore-Tex, wool, down, synthetic insulation, fleece, softshell, hardshell, cotton, denim, soft leather, ripstop, microfiber, canvas, bamboo fabric, Polartec, spandex/lycra, and Cordura.

Colour Options 

Colour options span from classic and neutral shades to vibrant hues, such as black, white, navy blue, grey, red, royal blue, forest green, charcoal, burgundy, olive green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, brown, beige, teal, mustard, aqua, and maroon. 

Design Options 

Design options offer a variety of styles, including solid, print, striped, plaid, camouflage, tie-dye, gradient, polka dots, chevron, houndstooth, animal print, floral, geometric, colour block, embroidered, quilted, mesh, reflective, patchwork, and texture blend.

Who Should Bulk Order Our Custom Outerwear?

Fashion Brands

Fashion brands looking to expand their product lines with unique, stylish, and durable outerwear will find Clothly's offerings perfect for their needs.


Retailers can benefit from our expertise in outerwear manufacturing services to offer exclusive collections that meet current market trends and customer preferences.

Corporate Clients

Corporate clients can enhance brand visibility and team cohesion with our branded jackets and coats. Our custom outerwear is ideal for creating a unified and professional look for your staff.

Event Organisers and Companies

Event organisers and promotional companies can rely on Clothly to supply custom outerwear for large-scale events.


Uniform suppliers for various industries, such as hospitality, transportation, and security. Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of different professions, providing comfort and durability.

Types of Outerwear You Can Customise with Clothly

We are one of the most trusted outerwear manufacturers in the UK and Netherlands, offering services that include but are not limited to the following:

Why Consider Investing in Outwear Wholesale Orders for Your Business?

According to Statista, the global coat and jacket market was expected to value at more than $100 billion by 2022. The men’s and women’s segments were about equal in size, totalling an estimated 44 billion dollars, with the children’s section accounting for the remainder. One prominent category is the luxury outerwear industry, which is expected to increase by more than six billion dollars by 2027 compared to 15.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. Also, outwear clothing is a trend-resilient market, which means consistent profit margins in the long run. 

Partnering with Clothly, you can meet market demands with style and reliability. Along with offering custom outerwear manufacturing services, we also work with brands for tracksuit manufacturing, jeans, joggers, sweatshirts, footwear, and more. Contact us directly via WhatsApp for further assistance!


At Clothly, we offer a variety of high-quality materials for outerwear manufacturing, including waterproof fabrics, insulated materials, durable cotton blends, breathable synthetics, and luxurious wool. Share your requirements with us, and we manufacture the outerwear articles for you.
Yes, Clothly manufactures outerwear suitable for various seasons and weather conditions, including waterproof jackets for rainy days, insulated parkas for cold winters, and lightweight windbreakers for breezy days.
We welcome your own designs and sketches for outerwear manufacturing. Our skilled team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.
Absolutely! Clothly offers customisable outerwear with specialised features like waterproofing, insulation, and durability, perfect for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, or camping.
The minimum order quantity for outerwear manufacturing is 100 pieces.
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