Explore our clothing customisation options

If you’re looking to start a clothing line, you will have ideas about the garments you’re looking to produce; individuality is at the centre of your brand. Designs reflect your brand ethos or target market, so you will certainly want to make the designs your own and recognisable to your customers. Our service ensures that small brands have access to the same level of customisation as larger brands.


Patches are a versatile alternative to traditional embroidery, and offer a unique way of displaying your logo, brand name or artwork. The implementation of custom patches are cost effective and can be offered at low minimum order quantities, fully customised to your specifications.


Embroidery is the term used to describe the branding of garments with a needle and thread. A machine based process, a logo is first digitised into a file which can be understood by the machine before the needle and thread automatically creates the design. Complex embroidery can present technical limitations, and we are happy to review your artwork should you have concerns.

Fit & dimensions

In clothing design, a “pattern” refers to a set of dimensions which is used to construct a garment. A trained pattern cutter draws a paper template, referred to as the master pattern, which is kept on record. The master pattern is laid onto fabric before the individual panels are cut out and assembled.


In the world of custom clothing, the devil is in the detail. Once reserved for large brands, custom buttons and other hardware like rivets and zips can help to elevate the status of a garment. From laser engraving to die cast buttons, we can offer custom hardware at our industry leading minimum order quantities.

Pantone colour matching

We source fabric in its raw, unwashed and uncoloured form which means that it can be dyed to match your exact requirements. At Hawthorn we use the Pantone system, which is a standardised, code based system used in many industries. Using Pantone codes, we can control the exact measures of dye and achieve consistent, reliable colour matching.

Custom fabric

Fabric affects the function, comfort and lifespan of a garment and is one of the most important elements when creating clothing. As part of our commitment to quality we source only the highest quality yarns from our vast network of reputable textile mills. We understand that some customers seek fabrics which are more unique than those available in stock and are well suited to developing and innovating new fabrics which are totally custom to your brand.


Branding garments with a custom casted metal or enamel badge adds an extra level of brand reinforcement. Created from a range of materials and in a selection of colours and finishes such as polished, brushed, gilded, antique, matte, silky or high-gloss. Badges can be branded via deboss, emboss or laser engraving, and die casted into custom shapes if required.

Twill tape

Used commonly in garment necklines and inside caps, twill tape is used to cover and reinforce the seams between fabric panels. Twill tape can be customised to feature your logo, or dyed to a matching or contrasting colour to the base fabric.


Distressing is achieved by applying surface treatments to the fabric which make it look like it has been worn; commonly ripping, tearing, scuffing and paint splatter. Whilst distressing is commonly associated with denim products, brands often apply distressing to other casual wear garments such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and caps.

Decorative tapes

Decorative tapes can be woven in solid or contrasting colours, as a textured grosgrain, or printed with logos or motifs. Traditionally used to cover and reinforce the seams between fabric panels, they are now used more commonly for decorative purposes since modern production techniques have removed the need for reinforcement.


Although the base fabric itself is important, the aesthetic behind a garment can be radically changed by applying wash treatments. We offer a vast number of fabric washes, including enzyme, acid, rinsed, bleached and stone which help to create distinctive designs, to match your brand identity or vision for your collection.


We offer a vast range of printing methods, from traditional techniques such as screen printing, to more modern methods like digital printing. There are many different printing methods available and if you’re unsure as to what would be suitable for your artwork or garments please do get in touch and we will be happy to advise.

Swing/hang tags

Swing/hang tags are decorative rigid labels which are attached to clothing, including core information such as brand logo, website, product price, size and barcode. Working to your design, we can offer different card weights, print methods, finishes and styles to create a unique tag specifically for your brand.
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