First meeting
To order from Clothly, each customer must contact our sales team. We like a personal, direct approach via email or our WhatsApp service. First we discuss the ideas and vision of the client's brand to get an idea of what the brand is capable of. We then discuss which productions are required for this and which details fit the customer's budget.
Tech pack design
When the ideas are clear, it is important to have everything well on paper. Clothly expects a tech pack from every customer to be able to start production at all. If the customer does not have a tech pack, we offer a tech pack service.

Our tech packs are suitable for overseas contractors and are designed to be understood by factory staff who may not necessarily speak the same language as you. They will communicate to your factory all necessary components and construction methods needed for production.

All you need to get started are some rough sketches or images of your design (or something similar), and a sample/prototype/mock up of your product.
Once tech packs are understood and agreed, we’ll give you an estimate of the production cost for a sample and final production. If everything is ok, the invoice will be sent to you. The making of a sample is handmade and made by one person. This can lead to inconsistencies and minor errors regarding your final desired product. The high-tech machines are not used in sampling, so expect the sample to be about 80% of your expectation of the desired result. An exception can be made here in consultation. Once the invoice has been paid, we start the process. The production time for a sample takes approximately 3-5 weeks.
Sample review
When the customer has received the sample, we need their approval so the client can create a bulk order. Adjustments made between sample and bulk productions are at the customer’s own risk, but are possible. Clothly is not liable for these changes if they go wrong, but we will always look for a suitable solution.
Bulk production
When everything is discussed and arranged, the real work can begin! To start the bulk order we calculate the bulk production price again. We then ask the customer to provide all information: techpack, sizes & numbers by email.

When payment is complete, bulk production begins. This production will take between 4-8 weeks based on the types of products.
When the production is ready, the production arranges the shipment with a third party. The customer will immediately receive a message from our team with the necessary information for the shipment. After a while, the customer has the products at home and ready to sell!
Because Clothly notices that many brands don't know how to market, we can help.

From arranging photo shoots, advertising on Instagram or Google & webshop development, everything is possible with us to ensure that the products are sold.

Feel free to contact our sales team for more information.
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