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Get Reliable T-Shirt Manufacturing Services in the Netherlands & UK

It is time to grab a big stake in the rapidly growing t-shirt market with unique customisation and premium quality standards. We, Clothly, have been the top t-shirt manufacturers in the Netherlands and the UK since 2019 and can help you design and manufacture t-shirts that shout out your brand louder than competitors.
Be it crew necks, unisex tees, drop-shoulder ones, or v-necks, we professionally serve all your t-shirt manufacturing needs.
Apart from apparel designing and customisation, Clothly also offers extensive marketing services to all those businesses still finding the right channels of exposure. Feel free to contact us for more information.
Let’s have a quick look at our t-shirt manufacturing services and the versatile ways we can deliver purely brand-specific t-shirts for you!

Customisation Options Available in T-Shirt Manufacturing

Sleeve Options

  • Types of Sleeves: Choose from raglan, set-in, cap sleeves, or sleeveless styles. Sleeveless designs include tank tops and singlets.
  • Sleeve Length: Options range from short sleeves to 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves.
  • Sleeve Fit: Tight fit like a muscle tee, a trim vintage look, or flared sleeves for an earthy style.
  • Colour and Fabric Contrast: Sleeves can match the main body colour or have a contrasting colour for a distinctive look.

Body Design

  • Shape and Fit: Choose from boxy, cropped, or tall and slim fits. Options include belly shirts, hip-hop-style wide tees, tall tees for a modern look, and even dress-length tees.
  • Drop Shoulder Look: Achieve a casual look with a dropped shoulder design.

Fabric Choices

Select the ideal fabric to meet the specific needs of your t-shirt:

  • cotton jersey
  • cotton slub
  • polyester
  • poly/cotton blends.
  • Meshes
  • rayon
  • microfiber
  • nylon
  • wool
  • leather

Collar and Neckline

  • Collar Types: Rounded, v-neck, mandarin, polo, henley, turtleneck, and scoop neck.
  • Trim and Fabrics: Vary the trim width or use different fabrics and colours for contrast. Options include thin trims or no trim for a modern look and wider trims for a retro style.
  • Button Options: Add a few buttons for detail or opt for a folding collar for a Polo look and buttons without a collar for a Henley style.

Printing and Dyeing

  • Printing Techniques: Options include Plastisol, high density, discharge, pigment, glow-in-the-dark, direct-to-garment, digital, and sublimation printing.
  • Dyeing Options: Custom dye fabrics before sewing or use garment dyeing for a vintage look. Special dye techniques include tie-dye, acid wash, stonewash, and silicon wash.

Branding and Packing

  • Labels and Tags: Neck side transfer labels, woven labels, sleeve labels, hem labels, back logos, yoke patches, and embroidery appliques.
  • Logos: High-density, reflective, glow-in-the-dark logos.

Colours and Inserts

  • Colour Choices: A wide range of standard colours or opt for customised colours.
  • Fabric Inserts: Fabrics like polyester mesh for side panels and single jersey cotton for the main body for functional and aesthetic variety.

Who Should Bulk Order Our Custom T-Shirts?

Here are some groups that should consider our bulk-ordering custom t-shirts:

Businesses and Corporations

Businesses can greatly benefit from bulk ordering custom t-shirts for branding, promotional events, and employee uniforms. They are also perfect for trade shows, conferences, and corporate events as giveaways or merchandise. You can also use these custom t-shirts can be used in customer appreciation programs, boosting engagement and loyalty.

Retail Brands and Fashion Startups

Retail brands and fashion startups can also seek the services of t-shirt manufacturers in the UK and the Netherlands for custom t-shirts to expand their product lines, create limited editions, and collaborate with artists or influencers.


Custom t-shirts are ideal for festivals, concerts, marathons, and corporate events. They can be sold as merchandise, used to identify staff and volunteers, or given to participants as commemorative items.

Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profits can use custom t-shirts to raise awareness, fundraise, and identify staff and volunteers at events.

Sports Teams
and Clubs

Custom t-shirts are essential for sports teams and clubs. They can serve as uniforms and fan merchandise.

Types of T-Shirts You Can Customise with Clothly

Why Consider T-Shirts Wholesale Orders for Your Business?

The global t-shirt market is projected to reach $51.72 billion by 2028, highlighting significant growth opportunities for businesses. With screen printing dominating 56% of the custom segment and digital printing growing 12% annually, wholesale purchasing can help businesses fulfil the rising customer demand efficiently. Not only that, it will also allow them to establish a unique brand identity and stand Out in the market while offering exclusive designs to their customers.

Not just custom t-shirt manufacturing, Clothly also offers sweaters, denim jackets, joggers, hoodie manufacturing and so much more. Have questions or need more information? Contact us today for our t-shirt manufacturing services and let Clothly assist you in creating custom t-shirts that set your brand apart.


Yes, we offer a wide range of fabric options for custom t-shirt manufacturing. Our selection includes cotton jersey, cotton slub, polyester, poly/cotton blends, bamboo knit, bamboo/cotton blend, hemp, Tencel, Modal, and more.
No, there are no limitations on the design complexity for custom t-shirt orders. We have the capability to accommodate a wide range of design requirements, including intricate patterns, detailed graphics, and complex colour schemes.
The typical production time for custom t-shirt manufacturing varies based on the types of products and order specifications. Once payment is complete, bulk production usually begins. This production process typically takes between 4-8 weeks to complete.
Yes, you can provide your own designs for printing on the t-shirts in manufacturing orders.
The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for t-shirt manufacturing is 30 pieces.
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